As many of you know, on June 6, the last day of school, Suselly was involved in an accident. She was riding on the back of a scooter and was struck by another vehicle on Pine Island Road. Suselly was rushed to the hospital, where she was quickly admitted into the emergency room, and then to the operating room. Her right leg was badly damaged from the accident, unfortunately it could not be saved and was amputated above the knee. Suselly was in the ICU for the first 24 hours as her condition was stabilized and then was moved to another floor. She received 3 more surgeries following the days of the accident.

Suselly is in great spirits, feeling positive, and blessed to be alive. She has been surrounded by friends and family since the day of the accident. Anyone who knows Suselly knows the beautiful spirit she has always had and still has. She is ready to tackle the road ahead. Thank you all for your support during this time. It has meant a lot to everybody involved and as always, Suselly wants to be surrounded by the people she loves.

As many know, even with insurance, medical expenses quickly add up and can become a burden on any family involved. In addition to the surgeries already received, Suselly will require rehabiltation services to build back her strength and learn to be independent again. All monetary donations will be used towards Suselly’s current medical care, as well as the rehabilitation services she will receive now and in the future.

Keep praying for Suselly and her family! Your donations and support are greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

Thank you thank you thank you.
God bless.